We do not have any revenge on SriReddy

The film 'Maa' (Movie Artist Association) has come to a conclusion on the casting couch (sexual assault on women) that has been controversial in the Telugu film industry. The actress Srireddy is fighting for a few days on this issue. "Our 'president, Shivaji Raja, said that the cash (Committee Against Sexual Heritage) was set up to regulate sexual abuse. "Our 'aim is to stop sexual harassment on female actors. There are senior actors and directors of the Telugu film industry. "We will take the decision to make subscriptions to anyone at a three-month meeting.

Furthermore, the ban imposed on Sri Reddy has been lifted. "Our 'members have made a fresh decision as some people in the film industry want to review this issue. When making the film, the decision to take it is entirely directed to the producers.

Speaking on this occasion, 'our' president Shivaji Raja said, "Many industry has come from two Telugu states with the intention of staying in the industry. So far no one has done injustice to the possibilities. We're doing our best. Sree Reddy is a man in our 'family' family. She can not take strict measures against her. Then we had to be banned because she was upset about what she did. But, there is no revenge on Sri Reddy. 900 members who have taken part in 'Ma' are ready to act with her. Sreerredi also wants to come up with a good name in the industry. We're ready to get any help, "he said.