Udaykiran Biopic?

Currently the biopic haw is running. This trend has begun in Bollywood, the latest in the Telugu film industry. The 'Mahanati' box office was a huge success. Nag Ashwin directed this film based on the life of late actress Savitri. The Telugu actor's favorite actor 'NTR' was also beaten by the coconut.

Fillnagar sources said that there is a possibility of another biopic. Udaykaran is the hero of the film with the love of the film with the love story of 'Manu Sita Nivave'. If the Millennium is about to tell the heroes, the morning without Kiran will be incomplete.His career as a wave of excitement came to him at the same speed as he was at the same speed. In the early years, he has come up with a series of triumphs and he is not in the film career but in the real life of the film, Udaykaran is the actor who has seen a lot of sticks in a very short career. Such a person is interested in biopic. Now that the Telugu film industry is doing that. Do you know who is the director of this biopic? Uday Kiran has acted in the film with the film 'Teena' starring 'I am'.

Uday Kiran from the Teja school has earned huge success in the early years. Not only that, Teja made three films with him. The first two blew up at the box office and could not make it big enough to be 'okay'. Teja is also one of the most closely seen people of Udaykaran. In this backdrop, he reported that the Udaykaran Biopic is in the process of raising Recently, NTR's 'biopic' has come to light. 'NTR' is the big fan of the fans. Teja left this project because they could not get them. At the same time, 'Mahanatyam' is the success of Udaykiran biopic is in the idea of ​​how to Teja. Udaykaran's career has seen many unexpected events. Uday Kiran committed suicide in January 2014 to cope with failures. Teja is doing a film with Venkatesh.