TDP will not merge with other parties

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu has responded to a number of speculation over Telangana's merger with other parties in Telangana state. It is clear that no party will merge into the party. He made a vital remark in the meeting with the party leaders at NTR Trust Bhavan in Hyderabad today. Leaders have directed the leaders to fight in the face of public issues. The party will be in touch with other parties for some time. Chandrababu concludes that we will not merge with other parties in life. TDP will be the last. There is no need to speak to any party. Activists for party survival suggested some things to remember. Some leaders say that the party does not suffer losses. The activists are treading. Party leaders at all levels will soon be appointed. There is no power to speak of the merger of the party and no freedom. It is clear that the Tenta is long lasting. CM told me not to join any party. Anything related to the party will be discussed with everyone.