Varma Gave Strong Reply to Allu Aravind

Telugu cine industry director Ramgopal Verma has been breastfeeding with breastfeeding and producer Allu Aravind has responded to the criticism of the criticisms. At this point Aundh's comments have been answered as a Facebook platform for social media. "Allu Arvind has responded very fast to Pawan Kalyan. There is no small comment on the day of Shirdi. Talking to Daggubati Suresh, I said I would try to get money back on Abhayam. Pawan has nothing to do with the Rs 5 crore I pay. No other breast is there unless my breast hurt myself. Pawan is the superstar of the sky, the leader. Do not you know how to reduce his level? Entativadini? One hundred percent for all I did was unforgivable. Aravind, Pawan, Fans and his family are apologizing.