Ramana Deekshitulu Met with Jagan

Former chief prince ramana deekshitulu met with YS Jagan. The meeting lasted for about 40 minutes in Lotus Pond in Jagan's residence in Hyderabad. Photos related to this have come out late. Recently, the Rama Mukherjee and the Opposition Leader were among those who had been criticizing the state government and officials over the Tirumala Shreevar temple. 

Jaganni Rama Rao, who arrived in Hyderabad on the day of the padayatra to meet the court tomorrow, will meet at 4.15 pm. However, the discussion on any of these issues has not yet been revealed. The scenes that came out of Jagan came out of the way and came out of late. Previously, Bhajpata's President Amit Shah, along with several leaders in the center, also met with Ramana. On his government, Officials come to the counter for each criticism and allegations of torture. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Board of Trustees recently that he is going to take legal action against him. After meeting with Jagan, he told the media representatives that the opposition leader met only to tell his problems.