Review: Nela ticket

Movie name: Nela ticket 
Cast: Ravi Teja, Malavika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu, Ali, Prithvi, Posani Krishna and others
Music: saktinath Karthik
cinematographer: Mukesh
composition:  K. Prasad
Producer: Ram talluri
story, screenplay and direction: Kalyan Krishna
banner: esarti Entertainment 
Release : 25-05-2018

One time karif address Ravi Teja for success. He is doing a film with director-producers not to worry about anything. In addition to the mass audience, Ravi Teja films are a great way to familiarize family audience. Biomass is common in anyone's career. They interacted with Ravi Teja. But again with Raja the Great, Tantum tasted the audience. But after that 'touch and watch' did not get the expected success at the box office. His latest film 'Soala Tikette' directed by Kalyan Krishna has been a hit with the films 'Soggaday Chinniyanayaana' and 'Rarandoyi Cinema Look Up'. The name was created to impress the masses. And how is this movie coming out Friday afternoon? Is Ravi Teja another success? Will Kalyan Krishna direct?

Story: Nela ticket (Ravi), an orphan. It's kind of like to be happy with four people. He calls someone else in the rows. Finally the Lord. Aditya Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu) on the other hand Kannathadri (Sharat Babu) kills for money. Home Minister is waiting for Chief Minister to emerge from office. There was no conflict between Aditya Bhupathi and the soil ticket. How did Aditya faced a land ticket? That's the story.

How is it:Kalyan Krishna got a good name with 'Soggaday Chinniyanayana' and 'Randhoya Celebration'. These two boxies have gained great success. This is the third film from him. But it is surprising that the talents of the past two films do not appear in the 'soil ticket'. The novelty of the story lacked. The battle between the good and the bad has been seen for many years. Every film has the same point. What's new is the new story of the same story. But, Kalyan did not think about that. People around us, in the middle of the concept we can pick up popularly. Kalyan has come to know that the heroine of Ravi Teja is over. But the concept of Concept, the director of Ravi Teja, can not be used properly. The scenes are from the beginning of the story, but do they have a link to the original story? That is not the viewer.

This is the same as the second. There are scenes beyond the scope of the frame, but the viewer does not get into the story in the context of a single frame. Ravi Teja Energy, the entertainment he provides, occasionally makes the audience a bit more exciting. But the director was unable to keep the same tempo until the end. In the second half there was more confusion. He did not know how to finish the story and went on extending the scenes. In each of the climactic scenes, each leader becomes a more melodramatic figure. The songs, as well as the occasional lack of lightning, also act like speed breakers.

How are you doing: Raviteja tried to look like an old man. Still trying to get his film done. But in the absence of strength in the story, he could not do anything. This is the first film for Malavika Sharma. Even though Raviteja is very good to see, she does not have a chemistry. Jagapathi Babu once again appeared in the villain role. The way he dealt with his role is not correct. There are many senior actors, but the director did not use them correctly. It was a mirror for the lack of a dialogue of Brahmanandam. Lightning in the power of music has reduced. The director of 'Fida' appeared to be the director. The songs do not seem to make it feel good. Allegations seemed too much. The lyrics did not appear. In the budget limitations, you will feel the film wasted. Kalyan has to write a strong story. It lacks the skill in rendering it.

Between the strengths 
+ Ravi Teja 
+ the concept of we are in the middle

- Story, Articles 
- Music 
- Lack of Entertainment

Finally: Unsuccessful 'Nela ticket'