That movie is going to announce Nani ..

Naani .. Now good friend. Occasionally, some of the characters making a series of films giving voice overs alaristunnadu. Antekadandoy .. 'bigbas' second season of the television audience in the next few days will be even closer. The show will soon begin as Nani host. However, the date to announce the title of a film consented Nani.

 The audience from Kona Film Corporation 'Ninn Kori' came out with good marks on the audience. Nani has done a great job in this movie. But the banner produced by the film and MVV Cinemas are going to jointly make a new film. Adi Pini Shetty is the heroine of the film .. Tapsee and 'Guru' fame Rithiking are taken as heroines. The film is titled Nani. On May 24th, 11 am, 11 am, the name of the title will be announced by a poster. More details of the film will be announced soon.