Review: Manasuku Nachindi

Image: appeals to actors, Sundeep Kishan amino dastur .. .. .. Priyadarshi minister Arun Chaudhary Adit .. etc 

Music: radhan 

Cinematography: Ravi Yadav 

Editing: Satish sun 

Producer: pikiran .. Sanjay Swaroop, 

writing, directing, Manjula Ghatmaneni 

banner: Anandi Arts, Indira Productions 

Release date: 16-02-2018

Manjula had a special recognition as actress and producer. Many successful films have been produced on the Indira Production banner. Occasionally shine on the silver screen. For the first time, Megaphone holds the screenplay of the film 'Minds'. The top heroine Mahesh Babu is giving voice over the film and he is proud to direct Manjula. Sandeep Kishan's role as hero in this film is different. He has been a huge hit and has long been a hit. To what extent did Manju's audience get the impression of the first time? Did Sandeep Kishan get a good hit with this film?

The story is: Suraj (Sandeep Kishan), Nithya (Amaiya Dastur) and Bora. Being friends since childhood. Adults want to marry both of them. 'We'll always be like friends. We will seek our spouses, "says Goa. There are Suraj's Nicky (Trida Chaudhary), Nithya is introduced to Abhay (Atat Arun). Their love will be with them. But, Nithya is in her mind is not Abhay .. Sooraj learns. What happened after that? Can Suraj be able to tell his love in his heart? Have they been able to get the partners whom they like? That's the story!

How is it: Friendship .. In this background many movies have come. Why do not two friends love him? Why not love and why not marry? The point is to touch in many movies. This is also the story of that movie! Friends with two different personalities .. Enjoy life in their loved ones .. fall in love .. The director wants to produce the small emotions around the story. The story attributed to the nature of the story. The scenes are related to the pleasant things that seem to be a bit embarrassing. The lack of innovation in the scenes .. The lack of scenes from the viewer's view is a mistake. Some scenes have long been seen. In the second half, the story becomes a triangular love story. The main purpose of this story is to say, 'Whom do you like?' The director also liked the story he liked, He looked like he liked it. But do you like the audience? Or not? It seems that she is completely put aside. Even in the classical scenes, the old cinematic shade is much more visible. Except the characters, the lack of story, the scenes except the lack of concentration are the major weaknesses. The scenes shown about meditation are yoga that will have a feeling of looking at the CD.



+ Camera Work 

+ Music 

+ Production Values

Failures - Story, Story Finally: Nature Lovers 'Mind' Note: This review is related to the viewer's