Aims will be funded

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley assured Chief Minister KCR that Telangana would be funded by Aims. On Thursday, KCR said to the Union Minister about the need for Aims in Telangana. KCR recalled that in the past, the AIIMS and the IIMs would be given a guarantee for the state. Smriti Irani was guaranteed by the IIM for the time being as Human Development Minister and urged him to grant it immediately. Recognizing the nine nine districts of Telangana are backward. In 2014-15 Rs.5050 crores; Rs.50 crore in 2015-16; In the year 2016-17, Rs 450 crore has been released and it has not yet released Rs.550 crore for 2017-18. To this extent, the Union Minister has given a notification and urged the release of funds. Telangana Lok Sabha leader Jitendra Reddy, the chief advisor of the government Rajiv Sharma and others met with KSR with Jaitley. Speaking to the media, Jaitley said, "Jaitley has congratulated the investors who invited investors in Telangana. He said the FRRM debt limit was 3.5%. The Chief KCR will meet with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday morning. Prime Minister Modi's appointment is yet to be finalized, sources said.

Your abhimaninayya: Arvind Subramanian: Union Minister of State at the time of going to Jaitley and Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian had kesiarku Union. He also praised the Rs 8,000 crore investment scheme for farmers in Telangana. He said that he has become a fan of this scheme. He told Arun Jaitley to study it and requested the full details of the scheme. Hyderabad is coming Monday, we have to discuss the issue. Arvind Subrahmanyam was invited to come to his residence in Dilli on Friday and lunch at mid afternoon.

Joshi's dinner: Telangana general secretary Shailendra Kumar Joshi gave a feast at Thursday night in Epichan. He has set up a number of IAS officers from his batch in the center - in the backdrop of appointed CEO.