Who are two ..? To whom is their support?

In the Karnataka Assembly elections, the political developments seemed to be interesting because no one has achieved full majority. BJP bagged 104 seats, Congress 78, JDS 38, while others won two. The Congress and the JDS are willing to form the government after BJP emerged as the largest party but did not reach the magic figure. Independent candidates have won two more seats. Vijay Doodhbhi, who has been the leader of the three leading parties in the elections,

H. Nagesh, who was contesting as an independent candidate from Mulbagal constituency, won the seat. He won the JDS. Nagesh said he was Congress party and supported the Congress. Congress has won this seat in the past. Another constituency was won by RP Shankar from KPPP candidate from Ranbebannoor. He is also supporting the Congress. In the last election, Congress candidate for R. Shankar won and Shankar won the Congress candidate Krishnappa Bhimappa.