The country regrets the losing democracy

Ends Karnataka. BJP leader Yeddyurappa was sworn in as Chief Minister on Thursday. The two-day thrill ended as the governor invited the government to set up a big party in the elections. But the Congress leaders are blaming the governor's decision. Yeddy has been protesting against the assembly against the assembly. Freshly the party president Rahul Gandhi is also angry with BJP.

Rahul Gandhi, who has been silent since the Karnataka election results, has finally opened the door for fresh conditions. Rahul, who once again criticized BJP on Twitter as a platform, blames the party's constitution. "The BJP insisted on forming the government even if not enough. This is to ridicule the constitution. If the BJP celebrates its hoarding this morning, the country is looking for a lost democracy, "Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

In the results of the election, BJP has 104, Congress 78 and JDS 38. The Congress and the JDS have come together to form the government because no party has a majority. But the BJP has asked the governor to invite him to form the government as the largest party. Yeddyurappa was sworn in as CEO after the Governor accepted this. But within 15 days the YDY will have to prove its strength in the assembly.