Congress is concerned

Yeddyurappa has taken over as Chief Minister of Karnataka. At the Congress and JDS camps police banned the ban. The government has lifted the ban on the Sangli hotel, where the JDS MLAs and the Eagleton Resort in Mysore Road are located. Some SP also decided to transfer the SPs. The Congress and the JDS are expressing concern in their campaigns when the ban on the camps is lifted. The consequence of the ongoing developments in the backdrop of the two parties already claiming that they will make all possible efforts to get the government to form the government. This evening, the government lobbied the police at the camps of those parties. In addition, he made changes in the surveillance division with favorable individuals. Amarakumar Pandey, who was an ADGP in the Railways, was brought to the Vigilance Division. Similarly, another DIG has been changed. The Congress and the JDS allege that the southern zone of the city and the DIG and the DIG have also been appointed by the people who are in favor of them. Ramnagar district SP also changed. The Eagleton Resort is coming under this SP office. The Congress has been a stronghold for the Congress and the Congress has set up the leaders and workers at the resort at the resort.

The Supreme Court's verdict on the strength of the test and the two parties will focus on how much time it will spend. If you spend too much time, you are going to change their MLAs to Hyderabad or Kochi. JDS is looking to convert to Kochi. Congress seems to be moving to Hyderabad. If you have a few days of relief regarding the test, you are planning to keep it here. Tomorrow afternoon verdict, it is possible to think about changing the camps. However, the Congress is deeply concerned about the consequences of this day. There are allegations that their MLAs are enthusiastic and there are some criminal cases against them that the BJP is taking the pressure. If it is necessary, it is planned that all the MLAs have been arranged to send them through a special aircraft to Kochi.

Congress calls for nationwide concerns On the other hand, the Congress is preparing for an intensification of the BJP's attitude towards Karnataka. This has called for anxiety in all states across the country. The Congress has advised party lines to maintain dharnas in all states, denouncing democracy in Karnataka.