Election Campaign

There are many campaign rallies and many more criticisms. And amongst many other promises, the Karnataka assembly election campaign was finally closed. Of the 224 Assembly seats in the state, 223 seats (in the constituency where a BJP candidate was killed, the election was postponed), the election will be held on 12th of this month. In the backdrop of the last few days, political parties drove out after 6 pm on Thursday evening. Arrangements have been made for Saturday's polls, state election chief Sanjeev Kumar said. 58,000 polling stations were set up across the state. There are 600 centers dedicated to women. More than ten centers have been allocated for rehabilitation.

Prime Minister Modi, Congress national president Amit Shah, Union Ministers, Congress leaders, CM Siddaramaiah, BJP Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and JDS chief Kumaraswamy led a massive campaign in Karnataka. Tornado tours were made. One of them faced the arrows of criticism.

Prime Minister  travelled widely in Karnataka as part of the election campaign. Many large public meetings were addressed. Amit Shah, a political strategist, has been in Karnataka for the last few days and has made huge publicity campaigns in his style. Their victory in the Kannada election has been a victory target for the saffron in the south. At least three rallies per day or discussing with activists by NamoApp, using every opportunity to get this. The RSS and BJP activists were mainly murdered.

Moreover, Modi has been attacked by the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. In any language of development in Karnataka, her mother tongue was not valid, but at least 15 minutes to challenge her. Rahul Gandhi also reacted strongly. 'My mother is Italian. Most of her life lived in India. My mother is a big Indian far more than many Indians I have seen. ' Emotionally.

Siddaramaiah government has repeatedly called the Sita Rupiah Government (a non-working government) and a '10 per cent Commission Government 'in the Modi campaign. Siddaramaiah, who considered it very serious, sent legal notices to Modi and Amit Shah. Mr Modi and Amit Shah, who have been accused of corruption, have been warned to apologize or threaten a Rs 100 crore defamation. He also said that criminal cases should be put in place.

On the other hand, Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi was also active in the election campaign. Particularly questioned the corruption scandals that took place between 2008 and 2008, targeting BJP chief minister Yeddyurappa. The Prime Minister asked Modi to answer the people of Karnataka who wanted to do the person who spent a prison life. Asked why he had joined hands with the Reddy brothers who had stolen property worth Rs 35,000 crore in Karnataka and mining .

The fake voter identity cards in the SLVA office in Jalahalli, Bangalore city, came under fire in this election. Duplicate cards were created by entering new voters with the help of secret code collected from the authorities. 9,756 cards were seized in two trunk boxes.

Of the 58,000 polling stations across the state for the May 12 elections, 600 centers (pink booths) were allotted to women. For more than ten reefs, 28 centers were allocated for other people. 80,000 EVMs will be used in this election with 80,000 VVIPs (Voter Verified Audit Trail) machines. In the wake of the election campaign today, the country is looking forward to the Saturday polls and the Kannada people are looking forward to the exit polls.