Review: Kaala

Movie:KaalaCast: Rajinikanth, Nana patekar, samudrakhani, Huma Qureshi, isvariravu and others Music: Santosh Narayan Cinematography: Vijay G Editing: Srikar Prasad Producer: Dhanush writing, directing,Pa. Ranjith Banner: Wonder Bars Films Release Date: 07-06-2018

Rajinikanth is the protagonist. The movie is coming out of the way. Besides Tamil and Telugu, Rajani is a good craze. About two years later, he was seen as the hero of the movie 'Kala'. The 'Kabali' released on a number of expectations disappointed fans at the box office. However, Rajini is surprised by all of the 'Kala' with the same director. Does Rajanna want to go ahead with politics soon? Prajajit, the trustee of Rajni's second time?

Story: This is the story of Dharavi in ​​Mumbai. The slum leader is Karikalan .. Kala (Rajinikanth). Haridada (Nana Patekar) is a politician. He is trying to seize the slum with his power of strength, conspiracies and machinations. But every time she stops. How was the Kala family disintegrated in Haridada conspiracy? What did Kala do without going to Haradada's hands? That's the story.

How is it: This is the story that the floor is surrounded by the concept of our right. The director gave a clue before the story is about how the story is going to be preceded by titles and the plots of conspiracies and machinations to gain ground and land. The director was able to bring about the difficulties of the people in the slums of the slum and the mourning for them on the soil. The heroism of Rajinikanth, romantic scenes, dialogues and a social problem .. the scenes in the sequence of the arranged scenes. The love story of Lalitra, who walks between Kala-Chittemma (Huma Qureshi), is a bit out of reach for Rajani fans. Nana Patekar-Rajani in the middle of a leisure scene was the main attraction of the film. If there are two more such scenes in the film, 'Kala' is definitely a fan of the fans. But, Rajani's heroine, The story-narrative has been a bit less for the audience that he wants. The lack of speed in the story appears to be a mistake. When the actor is like Nana Patekar, the director has to use that role more and more. The scenes between Rajani-Nanapatkar are two and three, but the way they are screened is impressive.

The second is around the whole range. Despite the emotions of the emotions, the director was unable to screen such scenes even if the director was writing. Many times, the heroism appears to be shattered by Rajani. It's a bit disappointing the fans. No character is close to Telugu nativity. The technique of the director and technician is the way in which the scenes are made. There should be a strong story and articles when Rajinikanth is the hero. Though they are similar, Rajani will be able to lure her heroism. But, Ranjini trusted and picked up the 'Kabali'. It seems to have made that mistake again. The absence of anything other than Rajinikanth has become a scourge of calamity.

How are you doing: Rajinikanth Cinema is the only fans to come to the theater just to see him. Paarjit knows that very well. However, Rajinikanth can not be used properly. Rajini has not given proper dialogues until the opening of the film. However, as the story progresses, the Rajnipantra is a little bit more to grow. As long as the Vishwaroopam appears in some scenes there. Rajani showed his charm whenever that opportunity came. Naniapatkar is the character who is so popular after Rajani. Ranjith's intelligent task to take him to the role. Whenever the Nana Pattukar appears, there is a gravity on the screen. Rajani Nana Pattukkarai at the same time two lions seem to land. However, such cases are very low. Evewari Rao, Huma Qureshi, and the Marakari are all in the range of their role.

Santosh Narayan once again became the 'Kabali' theme. The songs in his background music show 'Kabali' shades. Art director was surprised by the creation of a slave named Dharavi. We did not know that it was not a slum. The camera work is impressive. The rest of the action episode is also liked by fans. P.Rajith was once again stunned as a storyteller. It is to say that Rajiniko tried to keep Rajani in the story unattached and once again gave the fans a bit of a bitter cartridge.

Strengths + Rajinikanth + Some Mass Elements + Rajani-Nana Pattakal

Weaknesses - story, story - length