Chandrababu Fires On BJP

Poverty is his caste, where there is poverty where there will be Tandapa, says Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. The castes and religions are functioning as their government. On Thursday, he was addressing a public rally at Niruppallai in Chittoor district. The Chief Minister has taken a decision not to allow the state to suffer loss of partition. He went to Dilli 29 times and kept the issues unattended .. let's see .. do not do the elections. Vaikappa Bhajapathi has been accused of plotting politics in a collage. Many welfare schemes implemented by the state government have explained the injustice of the Center to the people.

That's all for the pleasure of the people! "Have you seen caste and give pensions? Have welfare activities seen by religion? People should cooperate with the government. Have you ever been so happy in your villages in history? The fiber grid provides internet, phone and TV facility. Such programs are for the happiness of the people .. for development. For the future of the mysteries. The distribution of LED bulbs will be completed by December. We are moving forward with innovative ideas and programs.

The power shortages were overtaken within two months and the Congress had a shortage of 22 million units. Farmers were guards. I overcame power shortages within two months into power. We have decided not to increase the electricity burden on innovative ideas. Wind and solar power generation is concentrated. Increase electricity generation in the future.

Gontemmakorkelu the placenta is not in 2014, lost in the division of the state, we have been betrayed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Congress has split apart without any rationale. Our stomach hit. On that day, the Shivaprasad MP was fighting in Parliament. Now it's going on. Focusing on the issue of innovative dress up. The Congress and the Congress have said that they will be given special status on that day. Do not you know Mavi Gomtamma is not a karkek. Why do not we solve fair demands? Special status is the right of the owners.

Let's see .. 
Modi is credited as a witness to Tirupathi Venkanna. Alliance with Bhajpat also did not hold for power. Not for votes. Together for people. For over 40 years, I saw many governments in politics. Played a key role. I went to Dilli 29 times and met the Prime Minister and the leaders and explained the sentiments of the people. I said the injustice to the state. Maybe we have elections. Maya says, let's see. I was not quick. I know their story well. Think about what to do next. Special designation is not given to anyone. The elders in the center did not ask why they were asked why the status was not given to 11 states. In the next budget, we have rebelled against the state of injustice. We have resigned from the posts of Union Ministers.

The prime minister was acting unconscious. When he addressed all the problems, he did not count. Just think of what's the status of Teluguman. Immediately after announcing that the NDA is coming out, the government has been disqualified. Vaikappa Drama Party. Never mind the state except gimmicks. Every day we come out of Bonneck and criticize us. Now it is dancing in the lollipop with Bhajpa. Confirming the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister .. came to us and came up with a dishonement for distinguishing status. A number of MPs support the trust deducted by the trust vote.

What's going to happen in 2019! I call Tirupati Venkaanna as a witness in the Karnataka election. The Telugu people have been defeated by the Tamils ​​in rebellion against the state and the defeat of the BJP. The MPs did not have the courage to resign and quit the election. That is why Bhajpa and Vaikappa are dancing. Elections were held for 11 assembly and 4 parliamentary constituencies in the country recently. Already the results of the existing vaccine MPs have already been approved. How many votes will be for BJP? How many seats will come to Waikpa? What will happen in 2019? Will you do politics with a wikipedia to hurt the state? Do not deceive people. Do not play with people's lives and future life. On behalf of the people I am fighting in an uncomfortable fight, "Chandrababu said.