Chalo review


Movie: Chalo 

Actors: Nagasouhari .. Rashika Mudhana .. Naresh .. Vennela Kishore .. Satya .. Posani Krishnamurthy and others

Music: Mahathi Voice Sagar

Cinematography: Sai Sriram

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao .. Tamiraju

Directed by: Venky Dummies

Producer: Usha Mulpuri

Banner: Ira Creations

Release date: 02-02-2018


Young hero, Nagasaurya, who has come up with an acclaimed film with a ' Later, 'Kalaiya Vaibhagamame', 'A mind', 'Jao Achuthanandha' and 'Raja Kumari in the story' received successes. In spite of some failures in the middle, different stories are going forward. After about a year's break, the film 'Chalo' starring Nageshayaya in the direction of Venky Kudulu. Together with the director, it is going to be tuned to the story, and it looks at its own production company. Also, the preliminary release of the event was called by the top heroine Chiranjeevi and took much blessings. Has Nagasouhari achieved another success with 'Chalo'? What experience did the first film made in its own production company?


The story is: Hari (Nagasauri) is a great thing from the childhood. The two are in trouble and he sees the tribe. Anyone want to beat or hit someone. Hari's father (Naresh) sends him to Tirupuram, unable to bear his battle. It will be in Andhra, Tamil Nadu border. The two bowls are not to be missed. Fighting between Tamils ​​and Tamils ​​is over. Hari joins the town of the city.The Tamil batch considers him as a Tamil person and joins them to their team. There he likes Kartika (rashima). She also has properties in the hari. However, Karthika is a Tamil girl. To love that girl, they should be in the house. He knows that it is not going to happen. And what about these two hooks? Have their wedding done? What is the reaction behind those rumors? Annade is the 'chalo'.


How is it: 'Chalo' story is a very small line. Including the two wool is seen in many movies. However, the way the story is laid out is how good it is. The director is very different from the character of the hero. It has fun fun around. College scenes are new. Smile comfortably. The love track between hero and heroines is also very well written. Even though the fistap did not have much story, the comedy led him with songs. Raghu Babu, Satya's comedy track .. The slips in college are a lot of youth, especially the college curraku. In the second half, the hero starts with the original track. An objective is just that. It's the combination of those two squares. The director of the venture Kishore introduced the story without too much seriousness.This will increase the entertainment dos in the story. The role that the character has been written is also very clear. But the climax is slightly weak. For a small reason, the two hooks are unlikely. But if it is taken as a comedy it will also pass.




Heroine characters


Dialogue ..



Classic scenes

Rating: 2.5/5.