Better if TDP Merges With TRS

The comments made by TDP Senior Leader Motkupally Narasimhulu on the demise commemoration of NTR has been a sensation. He communicated his disappointment over Chandrababu Naidu not paying tributes to his Father-in-Law at NTR Ghat. 

Much to everybody's stun, Motkupally opined it's better if TDP converges with TRS in Telangana. Does it demonstrate he would soon join the Ruling Party? or then again Was he endeavoring to state T-TDP have no future battling alone? 

Until couple of months prior, Motkupally was supportive of cooperation with TRS in 2019 Polls. It has gone to the phase of merger after Revanth Reddy moved the gathering. 

A large portion of the famous Telangana TDP Leaders host moved loyalties to different gatherings since 2009. Indeed, even the main any desire for restoration was destroyed totally with the exit of Revanth Reddy. Just T-TDP President L Ramana and Motkupally stayed in the gathering. Motkupally longed for getting to be Governor with the endowments of Chandrababu Naidu. Nonetheless, BJP hasn't tried to take the interest made by TDP Supremo truly. Thus, Motkupally has surrendered the expectation totally.