Review: Abhimanyudu

Film: Abhimanyudu
Cast: Vishal, Samantha, Arjun, Dilli Ganesh, Shrija Ravi, Robot Shankar 
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja 
Cinematography: Jorvis C.Villiams 
Editing: Ruben 
Producer: Vishal 
Story, Screenplay, Direction: PS Mitran 
Banner: Vishal Film Factory 
Release Date: 01-06-2018

Recently, the background of the young heroes chooses stories in a whole new way. Six songs and six fixtures were scattered all day long. With the intersection of commercial elements, the story of the social issues is not without another thought. Vishal style is slightly different compared to other heroes in Tamil. It is a new type of storyteller that is the 'Detective', and his latest millions of people have come forward with the fans of 'Abhimanyu' in the face of cyber-fraud. The release of the movie 'Irumbu Tirai' was released in Tamil. How's the 'Abhimanyu' who came forward on Friday? How did he encounter cyber morals? Was another success in Vishal account?

Kathentante: Vishal (Karunakar) Military Officer. Anger is greater. He can not tolerate injustice before his eyes. The angry reason is suspended. Anger takes the management classes to reduce anger. For this, Samanta (Lata Devi) meets a doctor. The reason for the compassion of anger is knowing that he is the last. That's why I advise you to go back home. So Karuna goes to his village. She wants to marry a boy who loves her. Rs 10 lakh is required for this. The property in the city is sold for Rs 4 lakh and another six lakh is lending to the bank. The story revolves right here. Rs 10 lakhs fall in the bank will be sane. The white devil (Arjun) turned out to be ten years old. Compassion is not only ten. Thus, the White Devil hack some hundreds of thousands of bank accounts into his account. Who is the White Devil? How did his compassion compete in the ground? That's the story

How's it: The whole cyber crime is going on in the background. These are the things we see on paper every day. We are stealing someone's money without our involvement in our account. The director chose this problem as a story. He went to the root of the cybercrime and showed how much of the cybercrime would know how much everyone could understand. Soon after the story began, 'My name is Surya Na's house India'. Because the characters of the heroes are identical in both films. But, as the story goes on, the 'Abhimanyu' goes into the newer after the cybercrime adds. On the one hand, the cybercrime, on the other hand, compares life to a parallel with two stories in one place.

The hero is the one who comes into the field to deal with the problem. From there the speed of the story comes. Second is the fight between the whole hero-villains. If you write the role of a strong villain, you can say 'Abhimanyu' to tell how well the scenes will come. The majesty between the Karuna and the White Devil impresses. Once the white devil wins, he once again succeeds in compassion. How is digital scandal going on that journey? Where did cyber crime begin? Many things are discussed. Vijay Mallya, Digital India, and even some seaters have fallen. The director succeeded in showing off the thrill of the crowd facing the whole audience.

Whilst doing: Vishal impressed with his natural acting. He did not do what he wanted to do to avoid the unnecessary heroines. The spirit of this story is the role of the white devil. Arjun arrives with the story of this story. With his stylish acting, the character was taken to a different level. The visuals between Vishal and Arjun have been put on top. Samantha is also a significant role. Samantha is a star heroine. Kadani did not go to the duet of the director. Vishal-Samantha made a single song. All the rest are Tamil actors.

Technically the idea of ​​the director is good. He said that cybercrime was understandable to everyone. The secondary screenplay is impressive screenplay. Yuvan music is a major attraction. He was able to elevate the scenes with background music. George cinematography is impressive. Ruben editing is very sharp. Conversations are scattered. Dialogues for Vijayamalaya are drawn to ATM mission and dialogues that compare to the voting machine in the idea of ​​audiences.

+ story background 
+  Vishal-Arjuna scenes 
+  secondary

- Slightly Slowly Stuck