Review: Rangasthalam

Cast: Ram Charan Sun .. .. .. Samantha .. Naresh prakasraj ANASUYA .. .. .. Rohini Jagapathi Babu Rajiv Kanakala etc .. 

Music: Devi Sri Prasad 

Cinematography: arratnavelu 

composition: Naveen

fiber art: Ramakrishna, maunika 

Battles: Ram-Lakshman 

Lyrics: Chandra Bose 

Written by: Garden Srinivas .. Kashi Vishal .. Buchi Babu .. Srinivas Rangoli 

Producers: Naveen Ernani .. Mohan Cherukuri 

Directed by Sukumar 

Banner: Maitrey Movie Makers 

Release: 30-03-2018

Ramcharan, who is a family heir as a successor, is a father of his father since he has made films in his own style. Mass proved to be a commercial hero. Director Sukumar is a different style. Newness plus .. unnecessary scenes minus .. emotions intu .. story divided by .. screenplay square root .. plus item song. This is Sukumar Movie Equation. And they do not know what the counts mean in the movie 'calculations'. 'Theater' is the film that has been pushed by Friday viewers with huge expectations. In 1985, a political chess plot in the village of Rangagasthalam was advertised as a film. Charan is also deemed to be a deaf person. And how is Charan-Sukumar's new attempt? Charan earned a good reward for over a year? Was he a movie that is another milestone in his career?

Kathentante: Fenandra Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu) is the President of Rangathelam village. He has been president for 30 years. Do not give another chance. In the village he tells Veda. People are also afraid to pronounce his name. The president should leave sandals before going home. Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) is running the engine of the field in the same village. He is deaf. Does not hear much. The village is fun with everyone. Father (Naresh) is a tailor in the village. Ann, Kumarababu (Aadi) is studying in Dubai and has a job. Chitibabu is very much like Ramlakshmi (Samantha) in the same town. Fonadirppati is cheating the innocent farmers of the village with his assistant. So Ramalakshmi (Samantha) cheats his father and directs him to make money. There is a confrontation between Kumarabu and the President's assistant in this regard. What caused the conflict? What has caused the consequences? Why was Kumarababu nominated in the Sarpanch election in the 'Rangazhalam' village? What happened to her brother's brother? That's the story.

It is the story taking place over the course of 1985. The feudal system .. The power of the same person is a young man who has a president who has been running the village for 30 years. It is a bigger theme. This concept will be seen in many movies in the past. But if you add Sukumar style to the story, that is the 'theater'. The selection of characters in the storytelling, the process of filming them, is impressive. Coming out of the commercial films is going to be complete in rural environment. This climate is mostly in Tamil cinema.

Pratapadhamtha all in the buddhi babu .. ramalakmithi coming with the fun scenes with fun fun. Samantha's performance is particularly impressive as Ramalakshmi. The scenes between the two are laughing. The songs also come to the scenes. On the other hand, Kumar's father and grandmother are insulted by President Manmohan Singh. But the consequences are not known because the babe is poorly disobedient. Chitti Babu learned from friends that he was insulted by his father and grandmother. So Kumarababu MLA will release Chitti Babu on bail with the help of Southamuri (Pratraj). Kumarababu nominates the election in the village Sarpanch. What happened after that is secondary. The introduction of the characters will be slowly moving slowly in order to establish them. The director may have thought of the story more extensively.

The director, who led the whole scenes with playful scenes, retained the original story for the second time. The director is the name of the nomination of Kumar, the President of the Aranks, the election campaigns and the sequences of the sequence of the director. From there the story grows faster. Twists that come after that are astonishing the viewer. The second is that the whole Sukumar style is twisted with twists.

Ramcharan as the Chitty Babu. Godavari slavery he laughs as a deaf man laughs at the audience. If all of the films that Charan had ever worked so far, Chitti Babu's role in 'theater' is another height. The difficulty of Ram Charan for the character is clearly visible on the screen. In the second half of Cherry's second sentence, she smiled at the scenes of a girlfriend as a deaf man. She succeeded in singing the emotion as a quintessential girl. For a few days we will remember Ramcharan as the Chitta Babu. Samantha once again with her acting as Ramalakshmi. The heroine role in Sukumar's films is strong. The role of Samantha in this movie is crucial. Her acting as a village girl is impressive. Early in the role of Kumarababu. Being soft and selfish, he is doing well to fight against injustice. Jagapathi Babu as President, Pleasant was the MLA who was hired by such characters. A twist of Anasuya's role as Rangamtha in the film. She did justice to Sukumar's choice. Well done in that role.

The main strength of the film is music. Sukumar-Devisri Prasad's 'Combination' hit has once again proved 'Theater'. Each song comes with the scene. There is no feeling of fraud. Pooja Hegde is excited at Sukumar-Devi's Mark ITEMSANG. There is another major strength of the film. Setting up Ramakrishna to see us in the background of the 1985 sets us up to that time. In each scene, the atmosphere was created to reflect those conditions. It all looks on the screen. The movie is full of every scene too. Naveen Nooli editing did not require much work. Gemstone camera performance is awesome. The conditions of the Godavari are beautifully captured in the camera. Each of the director's eyes shouted in the camera with his camera. Ram-Lakshman's action scenes are impressive.

Captain Sukumar's 'calculation' of 'theater' His mark is clearly visible in every scene. The selection process of the characters, the 'muku' in the style of the way they look. Sukumar took the story of the story and took us into the 'theater' too.

Strength + Characterization of Roles + Ramcharan Acting + songs, background music, photography + twists

Weaknesses - a sagaditaga scattered scenes look