Godavari Launchi Accident

The Godavari was blamed at the Devepatnam Mandalam at East Godavari district. When the boat landed with the passengers from Sandara Road, the heavy swimmer winds came. In the river, the cargo was overtaken. There are about 50 passengers in this accident. Six women, including two women, were found safe from the accident between 4.30 pm and 5 pm this evening. There is information on the wedding of the wedding. Most of these incidents are thought to be dead. The official statement is not yet revealed on the missing information. For their whereabouts, there are deliberate action against 20 boats in Godavari. At night, there is a serious disruption to the rescue operations. Officials have been alerted and ndrf teams have been fielded. The grenade was taking place when the lanchi was going to Vadappalli in the lounge of Polanwara which was going to the villagers who had taken the goods from the land. Boat manager Khaja surrendered before the police. It is difficult to get information when it is a remote area.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on the incident that happened in Godavari The orders were issued to the authorities to take relief measures in the wake of the war. Talking to the district officials on the phone, he inquired about the details of the accident. The Chief Minister has ordered the victims to give full aid from the government. Officials say 20 people have been caught during the accident. Ten people swamched on the shore. Authorities believe that the boat was undermined due to the heavy snowbrakes.

An MLA examining the incident site

Rampachodhara MLA Vandala Rajeswari examined the place of the luncheon drowning incident. Collector Karthikeya Mishra spoke on her phone. AAP has already reached the place where the ASPA, Sub Collector Vinod, ITDA PVO Nisanth have reached the spot. Collector Karthikeya Mishrami walked to the spot from Kakinada.